Itha Mari – Aboriginal Health and Healing at the Kirketon Road Centre

Itha Mari –  Aboriginal Health and Healing at the Kirketon Road Centre

The Kirketon Road Centre (KRC) in King’s Cross, Sydney, provides prevention, treatment and care for clients with respect to HIV prevention, sexual health, drug and alcohol dependence, and those exposed to transmissible infections and domestic violence.

Over ten years ago, KRC identified that local Aboriginal people were reluctant to access their services.  The Itha Mari  Aboriginal Healing Group was established to address this issue. From this beginning, the Itha Mari program was created to build links in the local Aboriginal community so that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people could feel more confident in using the primary health care services offered by the KRC.

The program name, ‘Itha Mari’, is from the Barkindji language and  means ‘this way in the right direction’.  The Itha Mari program now supports many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients experiencing complex challenges relating to their physical, social and emotional health. The program empowers clients to participate in decisions relating to their own health and wellbeing and promotes reconnection to country and culture.

Itha Mari includes men’s and women’s health groups, weekly yarning circles, and cultural activities such as weaving, painting, beading and storytelling. Together these activities promote holistic health by providing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients to give voice to their health needs and other concerns. In addition, KRC also engages with the community through participating in events such as such as Yabun Festival, Closing the Gap, National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC week to promote health and wellbeing.

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Itha Mari Aboriginal Health and Healing
Kirketon Road Centre
Above the Darlinghurst Fire Station
Entrance on Victoria Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
PO Box 22
Kings Cross NSW 1340
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