Brothers 4 Recovery – delivering a strong message of hope

Brothers 4 Recovery – delivering a strong message of hope

Brothers 4 Recovery is a not for profit program run by Jefferey Amatto and Steve Morris – two men who are passionate about sharing their personal journeys of experience, strength and hope to inspire change in communities. Jeff and Steve once went through years of misery and pain, jail and hospitals, trying to find a way out of the revolving door of drug and alcohol abuse and suicide attempts. They are now leaders in their community and through Brothers 4 Recovery they facilitate sessions which discuss key pathways for overcoming addiction and strategies to continue life in recovery.

Jeff and Steve tour throughout New South Wales, speaking with community groups, schools and other organisations, talking with young people and providing first-hand experience on ways to overcome life’s difficulties without using alcohol and other drugs.

Brothers 4 Recovery have been recognised nationally for their hard work and dedication towards addiction awareness with co-founder Jeffery Amatto named National Indigenous Community Person of the Year at the Inaugural Dreamtime Awards held at Sydney Star City Casino in 2017.

One of the aims of Brothers 4 Recovery is to help build trust between those struggling with alcohol and drug use issues and the services available to support people. They want to encourage people to seek help and get the assistance they need as early as possible.

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