Binar sports

Binar sports

Binar sports is a program in Western Australia that has been so successful in engaging local young people in sport and recreation through basketball competitions, that they decided to further develop the talent of their players by expanding their program to compete in State championships.

Originally part of the Midnight basketball program, Binar sports aims to provide disadvantaged young people with the opportunity to participate in sports and recreation and to be healthy and active within their community. From this beginning, Binar sports have gone on to successfully compete in State championships as well as contribute to capacity building by teaching leadership skills.

In 2015, Binar sports had six teams enter the State club championships – with all of them making it to the semi finals, and 3 teams winning grand finals. In 2016. 46 participants now play in the Western Australian Basketball League (WABL).

The young members of Binar sports take on key roles in running the competition, including umpiring accreditation, skills clinics and coaching clinics.

Players have enjoyed tremendous success athletically while engaging constructively in their clubs and their wider community.

 Binar sports is an example of dedicated volunteers and parents in the community getting together to strengthen community connections and nurture the health and wellbeing of young people.

Binar is the Noongar word for meteor. The story that is told about Binar is:

A long time ago there were bad times on earth so the spirit mother took many of her children to the heavens for safety, they are the milky way. But the spirit mother couldn’t bring her children back to earth in their old form. So when her children on earth need something the spirit mother sends one of her children back to earth in the form of a meteor that bring what ever her children on earth need.

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Program Coordinator
Adam Desmond
PO Box 1860
Midland 6936
Ph: 0414 407 951